At aspiranterne netop skal v�ære 108 er en reference til den kinesiske klassiker 'The Water Margin'.
Jeg var ikke klar over at de talte engelsk i Yuan-dynastiet?

UPDATE: Jeg vil lige bringe slutningen af prologen. Fordi den er så god.
Emperor Jen Tsung reigned for another forty-two years. He died without an heir, so the son of an illustrious prince succeeded to the throne, with the title Ying Tsung. Emperor Ying Tsung reigned briefly for four years and was followed by his son, who reigned for eighteen years as Emperor Shen Tsung. He in turn was succeeded by his son, Che Tsung, during whose reign there was peace throughout the empire.
However, if there had been nothing but peace, what story would there be to tell? Rest assured, good reader, that this is merely the prologue. There is more to come.