(Heathens in Heat)

Gary Sullivan [He is wearing black leather jacket, second-hand, top-shelf grey cotton pants, black leather jacket, black unpolished Italian shoes, black turtleneck. His hair is carefully mussed, so to give the appearance that he doesn?t care. He wears a button that says: I AM MORE HIP ON ARAB CULTURE THAN YOU COULD EVER DREAM OF BEING]:

I have a question for Gabe, but first I have to say: What makes you think, Ron, that younger poets at the Poetry Project really give a frick about "Language Poetry"? It's over, babe. It's a beached whale, and your daily posts to Silliman's Blog push and push to get it back in the water, but the whale's dead. It's DEAD, Ron. Blubber, you understand? So quit being so patronizing all the time, OK? You are to us what the Deep Image School is to MFA's at Iowa or Gettysburg: Aunts and Uncles we claim to love, and to whom we send holiday cards because we're supposed to. Here's my suggestion to you, babe: Read O?Hara and Koch and learn. And stop complaining about Poets Against the War. Damn man, you complain about EVERY poet who is trying to do a little something about the war. Where's famous radical Langpo, huh? I mean, who's doing the shit, man? You guys or us? I mean don't get me started, OK, 'cause you saw what happened to me with Eliot Weinberger, that insufferable prick -- so don't fuck with me and my kin, understand? I'll fucking take a saw to your head and fucking saw it off like Behrle did to Yau at AWP, got it?

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